Substation Images

Substation Visit to Eaton Socon to judge visual impact

National Grid have proposed siting a substation in the landscape around one of the north Essex villages of Twinstead, Wickham St Paul, Gestingthorpe and Castle Heddingham.

On 23rd November 2011, National Grid organised a visit to Eaton Socon Substation for councillors and council officers to enable them to judge for themselves the visual and environmental impact of a substation. 

These photographs are copyright free. Click on an image to enlarge it. If you have need of a high resolution version of the image, you can then download it. We include an image of a potential location for a substation near Twinstead to aid visualising the cumulative impact of adding the asymmetric towers and other equipment into our local landscape

(1) 400 kv asymmetric pylons bringing power into the substation from the pylon line that passes the substation.

(2) 50 metre tall asymmetric towers that are added to the existing pylons. 

(3) Essex and Suffolk councillors and council officers on a fact finding visit to Eaton Socon Substation

(4) Transformer housing: this is about the size of a 3 bed house and two are needed separated by a concrete blast wall

(5) Concrete blast wall: these are used between components with an explosion risk to protect personnel and equipment

(6) Inside a gas insulated switchgear building. One of these would be required

(7) Switchgear housing: the scale of this building can be judged from the pedestrian door which is appx. 2.4metres high

(8) The length of the building can be judged from this though not all external equipment would be needed locally

(9) UK Power Networks would also need a 132kv switching station on the output side which would look like this

(10) A potential site for the substation beside the A131 near Twinstead

(11) Tower and lines leading through a potential substation site near Twinstead, west of the A131

(12) Another view within the area identified by NG for a substation near Twinstead, east of the A131