Core Values and Allegiances 

Stour Valley Underground (SVU) is an amenity or campaign group established to oppose the blighting of the countryside with electricity pylons and other energy infrastructure that reduce the amenity value of the natural landscape. This it does in the context of considering the issue in the light of national interest, seeking the best solutions for everyone.

We are proud of our core values and ensure that 

Stour Valley Underground is:-


non political

opposed to nimbyism

enquiring and communicative of the results of the extensive research it carries out.

pushing the agenda for the adoption of cleaner, greener more economically beneficial adoption of the new energy transmission and generation technologies.

a positive force that seeks to find better solutions to energy distribution that will take the Nation back to being a net energy exporter which in the future will be renewably generated.

NOT anti nuclear.

communicative and publishes a monthly newsletter 

informative and maintains this website

interactive and mounts periodic public meetings for discussion of this issue and our campaign.

responsive and contributes to all relevant public consultations.

collaborative and workson this issuewithin acoalition of the engagedwhich includes:-

Suffolk Preservation Society (the Suffolk branch of CPRE)

CPREssex - Essex branch of the CPRE

CPRE Nationally

The Colne - Stour Countryside Association

The Dedham Vale Society

the campaign groupBury not Blight

other groups with similar issues in Somerset

accountable. The SVU steering group comprises Cllr David Holland and Cllr Richard Barnes, both of Twinstead, Essex. We can be contacted by post at Court House, Church Road, Twinstead, Essex, CO10 7NA, Email or telephoned on 01787 269693 (Eves) or 01787 882292 (Days).