Write and Object!

A Call To Action

Its time to write to National Grid and tell them just what you think of their proposals for yet more pylons in our beautiful landscape. We have put together a strategy which we believe we can all support and we have provided the address details for everyone you need to write to.

This is the newsletter of 2nd Feb.

SVU's Strategy Announcement 

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

For the Campaign Group Stour Valley Underground 

there is so much more to do that just say

"We don't want any more pylons"

We want to make sure the right decision is made 

in the whole country's best interests,


Having done a huge amount of research on the pylons issue there

is perhaps one big question you might want to ask Stour Valley Underground -

How do you believe the broad objectives of National Grid's

Bramford to Twinstead Overground Powerline Project should be achieved?

Here is the answer:-

Stour Valley Underground's view of how to transmit the projected output from:-

•the new gas powered power stations at New Holland and Kings Lyn


•the planned renewably generated power from the east coast windfarms


•the new nuclear generators proposed for Sizewell

is not simply " by underground cables".

We believe that a multi faceted approach is needed which comprises three parts that:

•eliminate the need for new pylon lines

•works toward a completely pylon free landscape

•is compatible with new and international developments in energy distribution

•is in the best interests of the entire nation

They are:-

1.To increase the capacity of the existing pylon lines (as is included in NG's proposals) as a short term expedient to transmit the power from the proposed New Holland and Kings Lyn Gas Powered Power Stations

2.To connect the proposed Sizewell Nuclear Reactors along with the proposed east coast Wind Farms to London via the Thames Estuary by undersea cabling.

3.To bury underground the existing EDF owned local distribution lines along with all other local distribution cables

Please see our web site atwww.stourvalleyunderground.org.ukfor further details.

and now.....

Stour Valley Underground


It's time to write!

and we are making it as easy to do as we can!

We have puttogetherall the relevant email addresses

and as much information on the issue as we can.

If you want to know why we reject the idea of indicating a preference

for one of National Grid's corridors over another

or why we reject the validity of the consultation process as it has been conducted,

it's all there on ourWrite!page, in detail too if you need it!

And then we also explain how we believe the necessary grid upgrade SHOULD be accomplished.

So please go towww.stourvalleyunderground.org.ukand make a difference.

Write and tell both National Grid and your elected representatives

just whatyouthink of the proposals to further blight

our beautiful countrysidewith yet more pylons.

This urgent call to email your opinions and make a difference was sent on Tuesday 2nd February 2010

by David Holland, on behalf of Stour Valley Underground