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Your Councillors

By February 2010 we were addressing local councillors in both Suffolk and Essex with the objective of having them reject the need to show any preference for any of the proposed pylon corridors. We addressed Braintree DC in person and wrote to all relevant Suffolk Councillors just before they voted...

Our submission to your Councillors

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dear Councillors,

National Grid's Over Ground Power Line Proposals

As you go to vote on Suffolk County Council's response to National Grid's Over Ground Power Line proposals, we ask you to bear the following in mind.


Braintree District Council has already voted unanimously to reject the need to exhibit any preference for any of the corridor options and is demanding a non overground solution. Essex County Council's Cabinet are making a very similar response to this. In Somerset, the County Council with a similar proposition from National Grid before them have also adopted this position.


You might ask, is this not a null vote?

The answer is that this response is part of a demand toproperlyconsult the publicon a full range of optionsand until apublicconsultation process that fully considers all reasonable options has taken place, the councils will not (because they cannot), exhibit a preference for a route or indeed any specific method of grid reinforcement.


It is very clear that while some individuals might have unearthed some grid reinforcement options that have not been brought before the public by National Grid's "Consultation Process". But the truth is that these have not been brought forward such that all of the affected public within the consultation area can consider them along side the overground options. We therefore deem the consultation process to be flawed and inadequate. The simple fact is that you have not had all of the reasonable options put before you and we contend that you are therefore prevented from making a fully informed choice.

We feel you should know that at this very late stage in the initial consultation, National Grid have finally decided to look properly at the feasibility and costs involved in the non overground strategies we have brought forward. Surely this provides adequate evidence that the consultation has not looked at all reasonable options and that we are all not yet in a position to make a decision.


A further point that impacts your response is the increasing lack of urgency to make the decision now. The on-line dates for the new nuclear power stations have been put back from 2016 to at least 2021 and the proposed wind farms are not even funded yet so none of this will happen in a hurry.


We therefore respectfully request that you consider the following as your response.

(1) request National Grid to get on with "reconductoring" the existing power lines to provide 30% more capacity ASAP.

(2) reject the validity of the consultation process as it has been conducted so far because it has been neither full nor open enough.

(3)reject the need to show any preference for any corridor or other aspect of this grid reinforcement until such time that all reasonable options have been fully explored.

Such a response is part of a path that leads to getting the right overall decision.

This is neither a null or negative response. It is a response that says we want to get the right decision for everyone and you (NG) have not given us enough information to make that right decision NOW.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

Sent with best wishes,

Cllr David Holland

for and on behalf of

Stour Valley Underground

Working to get the RIGHT decision for the People, the Landscape and the entire Nation

Full details of our position, research and constituency are available on our web site at

A final thought: You will probably drive to the meeting. You could go by bicycle. 

The car costs £10,000, the bike only £100

The choice of transmission method is never just about upfront cost!