1st NG Consultation Exhibition


National Grid are mounting around 20 “consultation events” or manned exhibitions to present their case for adding another set of 46m+ tall pylons through the Stour Valley, through views like this. We hope you will attend at least one and consider their case in light of what you read both here and elsewhere in the media.



Meeting attended separately by David Holland and Richard Barnes

Report by David Holland.

On entering this exhibition, upstairs at Hadleigh Town Hall I was greeted by a smiling young lady who was keen to have me sign myself in which I politely declined to do. I was offered a clip board with pen and form to indicate my preferred corridor for the pylons which I also refused. This I did as NG are, in my view constraining the openness of consideration of the pylon issue through ploys such as the form they supply.

Around the periphery of the room were a set of display boards with maps and images explaining their plans. Whilst trying to read the first few boards I was approached by one after another of NG’s team, keen to offer explanations of the displays to me, an offer which I politely declined as I wanted to carefully examine what was and what was not being disclosed.

I noted the excellent general clarity of their displays but lamented the fact that the maps had been so presented as to obscure the place names and detail within the pylon route corridors whilst leaving those names outside, clear. Also the map of the consultation area featured shading that obscured the names of the places potentially effected by the possible siting of a sub station.

Close examination of the display pertaining to the prospective sub station that forms part of the corridor 2 option showed it to be less than a faithful representation of what the people of Essex can expect if this route is finally chosen. The picture is of a sub station (GSP) that serves just a railway line. The one that would be sited in Essex would house much larger and noisier transformers that would hum at 100Hz. I also felt that the picture minimised the apparent impact of the accompanying pylons needed to get the power to and from the sub station.

The National Grid team were keen to talk and very polite. I had an extended and highly informative discussion with one young man and felt I had learned a lot. Sadly, one of his superiors, for reasons I can only speculate about intervened and asked him to assist some other people. The young man said that he was enjoying our discussion and he would be back as soon as possible. I waited for 5 minutes but by then felt annoyed, wondering if his senior felt that he might be giving to much information away. Perhaps I am a little too cynical but this like all the best tricks can only be pulled once and I will be continuing the conversation with the young man just as soon as I encounter him at another consultation exhibition. The information I gained at the exhibition has already been incorporated into this web site and I will report back on any further light I can shed on the pylons issue.